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Case Studies


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Food | Packaging | Trim |

A manufacturer of food packaging films was looking to replace outdated equipment to improve trim handling efficiency from their extruder lines.

bottle caps | Conveying |

The company requested a system that would cut away the logistics of having a forklift operator transport pallets back and forth to save time and increase safety.

Clean Room | Packaging | Trim |

A polycarbonate film & sheet producer in the Netherlands needed a pneumatic trim removal system installed in an air-controlled clean room.

Book Production | Trim Extraction |

The Challenge A factory located in Poland is a well-known producer of different kinds of books for the domestic and international marketsThe client has five production lines. Trimmings are generated on machines of the three-side trimmer type; a “woolly” paper dust is generated by the cutter machineHowever, the old system […]

Tea | Trim Extraction |

A tea producer in Poland needed a solution to extract trimmings from production to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

Dust | PET | Recycling |

PET bottle producer required a solution for reducing and collecting dust directly from their production.

Waste Removal | Yogurt |

A yogurt producer in France wanted to eliminate plastic waste from production lines and reduce manual labour requirements, and separate materials.

Automotive | Dust |

An automotive manufacturer in the USA needed a solution to remove dust from the work environment and increase the use of regrind material.

Dust | Fumes | Plastic Bottles |

A Dutch blow moulding producer needed a solution for reducing dust, angel hair, and peroxide fumes on their production sites.

Replacement | Retrofitting |

Belgian manufacturer of high-performance extrusion coated and multilayer products needed a replacement for their old cutter system.

Conveying | Granulates | Soap |

Manufacturer of personal care products located in Poland needed a friction-free conveying solution for soap granulates.

Automation | Plastic Wrap |

Producer of children’s car seats in France needed a solution for reducing the need for manual labor and mechanical systems.

Dust | Packaging | Regrind |

A pneumatic solution from Kongskilde for the conveying of regrind material minimizes dust and improves productivity.

Dust | Fast | Fragile |

A Polish producer of apple juice needed a solution to remove dried apple pomace from production quickly and efficiently.

Flexible | Plastic |

Injection moulding manufacturer in the Netherlands needed a higher capacity solution for transporting plastic granulates to silos.

Trim | Wallpaper |

An international company known for their wall coverings needed a solution to gently transport trim and improve fire safety.

Bottles | Plastic Wrap |

A world-famous liquor producer located in France needed a solution to eliminate manual transport processes in their production.

Edge Trim | Foil | Stamping |

A stamping machine market leader located in Germany needed a solution to eliminate manual labour for handling edge trims.

Endless Trim | Waste |

Worldwide confectionary producer needed a solution that would reduce manual labour, increase productivity, and improve the work environment.

Recycling | Waste Facility |

A Danish waste municipality needed a solution that would improve the work environment and simplify the conveying process.

Plastic Pellets | Rail Car |

US-based plastic bag producer needed a flexible conveying solution for fast and reliable transport of PP and PE pellets from rail cars.

Label | Waste |

Label converter located in the UK needed a new guillotine and wanted to free up space in the production area to reduce downtime.

Dust | Noise |

Producer of non-combustible mineral boards located in Slovenia needed a solution to reduce dust and noise in their production.

Aluminum | Foil | Packaging |

Aluminum packaging producer in Poland needed a solution for transporting skeletons across the production without creating dust.