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Material Feeders

Rotary Valves

For feeding of granulates into a pneumatic conveying line

The Kongskilde Rotary Valves, type RF, are suitable for feeding granulates, (granules, pellets, flakes, small moulded products, etc.) either into a pressurized pneumatic conveying line or as a metering feed to a subsequent process.


RF 20/40 Rotary Valves

The Kongskilde RF 20/40 Rotary Valves are suitable for feeding of granular materials such as synthetic granulates and similar flaked materials in connection with pneumatic conveying systems, and for rough dosage purposes.

The Kongskilde Rotary Valves are also available in a stainless steel version, RF 20R and RF 40R, developed for the feeding and unloading of many different products.

Available in Two Versions

The RF 20/40 Rotary Valves are available in two versions; RFD and RFE. Both versions are equipped with an extra sealing, which protects the mechanical parts against the build-up of dust when used in applications where the dust content is high, such as in rubber granulate, recycled material, and other similar materials.


“D” version with a horizontal blow-through bottom which enables the valve to be used directly in combination with a high-pressure blower to pneumatically blow the material away from the valve to a designated position.


“E” version with vertical inlet and outlet which enables the rotary valve to be mounted under a cyclone, hopper or similar.


  • The design of the RF Rotary Valves ensures minimal pressure losses when introducing products into a pressurized conveying line.
  • The design of the valves also allows it to handle flake material such as might come from grinders.
  • All RF Rotary Valves are delivered with bearings greased for life.


  • The RF Rotary Valves are available with different gear motors. The gearing selected should match the application to ensure optimal operation.
  • The RF20R/40R Rotary Valves are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and with glass blown surfaces.
  • The rotor has 6 blades with Vulcollan tightening.
  • The valves are equipped with helical worm gear motors


Download data sheets, manuals, and spare parts lists for RF rotary valves.

Data Sheets

Manuals and Spare Parts

Compare Models

Rotary Valve Model Comparison

Compare available Rotary Valve models. Visit the downloads section for more information on specific models.

RF 20RF 40
Rotary Valve rpm20 – 7035 – 56
Motor kW0.37 – 0.751.1 – 1.5
MotorIEC 80 B5IEC 90 B5
Motor rpm14001400