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Dedusting of Pellets or Regrind

Remove unnecessary dust and light impurities from re-processed material or plastic pellets.

Unnecessary dust in plastic pellets and regrind material can play a negative role in the quality of moulded parts.

By using our patented AirWash system or an industry-leading Kongskilde Aspirator, quality-conscious operators can quickly and effectively separate unwanted dust from re-processed material or virgin plastic pellets. In addition to the obvious savings associated with using cleaner regrind material, the significant reduction of dust in the environment is better for both the health of employees and the longevity of equipment.

The cleaning is gentle to the material and can easily be built into the conveying system for the pellets. At Kongskilde Industries we offer various innovative dedusting and separation solutions tailored to the needs of the system.

What is Dedusting?

Dedusting is the industrial cleaning of granulates, generally using some form of pneumatic separation system. Separation may involve separating dust from re-processed materials, but it also encompasses the removal of light impurities. In the process of cleaning or recycling plastics, aspirators facilitate the removal of small sized particles and dust from the granulate or flakes.

Usable pellets pass through an outlet of the aspirator after the dust is removed and evacuated. This is primarily a method of quality control.

Kongskilde Dedusting Systems and Products

Aspirator solutions prove an efficient means of dedusting processed materials or granulated plastic.

Conveying System at Randers Municipality Recycling Plant
Cleaning of Regrind in a Plastic Recycling Plant
KIA Aspirator Animation
KIA Aspirator Animation
TechTalk: The KIA Aspirator

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