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Inline Feeders

ITF Venturi

For conveying material through a duct without coming into contact with any moving parts

The Kongskilde ITF Inline Venturi system utilizes our standard modular pneumatic conveying components to transfer process waste (edge trims) and light materials.

The ITF venturi system is suitable for conveying continuous edge trim and paper offcuts, aluminum, and plastic from production systems with low to medium production speed.


Conveying of light materials in the paper and plastic industries

The ITF Venturi is a simple transportation system suitable for conveying many types of waste products and edge trim. The blower develops air pressure which passes through the ITF Venturi and creates a vacuum at the source, pulling the trim into the system. After the trim and air flow pass through the venturi the system turns into a pressure system, pushing the trim to the discharge.

Inline Venturi System

Unlike conventional Venturi systems, the Kongskilde Inline Venturi system offers improved suction allowing materials to enter directly into the piping.

When paired with a KIV Air Return system the ITF can be placed anywhere in the conveying line with no loss in performance. This allows the venturi and blower to be placed in the most convenient position for each unique system and results in minimal impact on the factory layout.

The pneumatic circuit with the Venturi tube is operated in a closed loop with full feedback of induction air to the blower. Thus, only a small amount of air is necessary to pick up the conveyed material and set it in motion.

Benefits of the ITF Venturi

  • Can be placed near where the trim originates.
  • Material has no contact with moving parts while being conveyed.
  • The small size of the venturi and blower make the system easy to install in any system.
  • Perfect for conveying thin films.
  • Highly recommended for conveying dust-free materials.
ITF Venturi, KIV/FVO Venturi, MultiCutter, and MultiAir system


Download brochure, data sheet, and manual for the ITF Venturi.



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