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Downsizing Cutters & Granulators

KG Inline Granulator

Granulator for plastic foil which allows process waste to be reused in production.

The Kongskilde Inline Granulator KG has been developed specifically to granulate plastic foil. The granulator thereby enables process waste to be reclaimed and reintroduced into the production process.

Typical applications are in connection with film blowing machines and extruders.


The KG Inline Granulator

The KG Inline Granulator consists of a cast housing and a rotor with 2 or 6 rotating knives and a 180-degree screen. The granulator is typically used in conjunction with film blowing machines where edge trim is generated.

Material Recycling

The process waste is picked up by a suction system and taken through the granulator and directly back to the mixer on the film blowing machine. The processed material is then mixed with virgin material and re-used in production.


  • When using the KG Inline Granulator, the risk of material contamination is reduced. The process waste is cut and conveyed in a closed pipe system, which keeps the dust level at a minimum.
  • Knives are supplied in standard hardened steel with good resistance to wear and extended service life. These knives typically last 10 times longer than standard knives.
  • The screen is easily changed without dismounting the granulator.


Download data sheets, manuals, and spare parts lists for the KG Inline Granulator.