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Material Separators

Kongskilde industrial material separators are designed to separate light impurities or dust from re-processed material or granulated plastic. Most recycled raw materials need to go through a separation process before they can be productively re-used. For further information contact us or select your product below.

What is material separation and what is the goal of the process?

Industrial material separation processes are technical procedures used to separate a product from either impurities or other products. Separation may also involve separating dust from re-processed materials. The processes themselves tend to be classified in accordance with the particular means by which they achieve separation.

Most recycled raw materials need to go through a separation process before they can be productively re-used. Material separation is an essential technique for the current industrial economy.

An effective material separation process allows you to turn recycled materials into valuable reusable materials. It is important to recycle as much plastic as possible, for both the sake of the environment as well as profit related reasons for your business.

Separation processes thus serve a multitude of functions, including the purification of materials, recovery of by-products, recycling, and removal of contaminants. Multiple operations can, of course, be combined to achieve the desired end product.

What are material separation systems composed of?

Separation is mainly used on two immiscible granulated fractions within a solution as it separates based on density differences.

For example, at Kongskilde Industries we offer a product, which is designed to separate light impurities from granulated plastic. This product is a form of aspirator, which is a device that can create a streamlined flow vacuum to separate impurities from materials in a controlled manner. Aspirators are suitable for label fragments as well as dust. In an aspirator, re-processed material enters through a gravity feed pipe. The lightweight impurities are extracted and transferred to the dust cyclone. All the re-processed material travels out through the bottom outlet. An AirWash system is an all-in-one system, both suction and cleaning in one go. Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate materials.

The composition of a material separation system is therefore entirely contingent on its intended functionality and target materials.

Finding the right material separators and industrial recycling machines for your manufacturing process

We at Kongskilde Industries offer flexible solutions, for separating materials, which are easy to install. Since separation processes are often a main part of manufacturing and recycling, they are essential to various industries.

Material separation and recycling collection are means of waste minimization and resource conservation. Your organization can also work towards the economic benefits and public image improvements through strong recycling programs.

To achieve the ideal separation process, it may be necessary to combine different methods to meet the requirements of each case.

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