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K-Series Filter

The K-Series bag filter is a modular dust collection unit ideal for indoor installations.

The K-Series dust collector is an enclosure-less, compact, easy setup dust collector. This unit creates a clean, sealed system in the production area. Waste collection is available in the form of bags, barrels, or a dump bin. The disposal bin clamps securely into place to prevent dust from escaping. The clamps are easily removed for quick disposal of waste.

The K-Series filter is available in four sizes, the K-200, K-500, K-750 and K-1000.


The Superbag

The Superbag is a polyester filter bag created using a patented weaving technique in tubular format. The high quality filter media is 99% efficient. This design gives the filter bag a surface which can cope with varying dust loads and virtually any type of dust.

Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption
By allowing clean air to pass through with the least possible resistance, the lowest possible energy consumption is achieved. The unique filter media provides low pressure drop and low energy consumption.

Strength and Durability
The special shape of the Superbag helps to ensure that high efficiency and effectiveness is maintained even after long periods of operation. The durability is a result of the patented construction, strong polyester fiber, and seamless body. These features also make cleaning the filter bag very easy.

The Superbag’s interwoven carbon fiber wire provides stronger anti-static properties than traditional filter bags—both inside and out.

Waste Disposal Options
The K-Series filter has several waste disposal options available. Options include bags, barrels, or a dump bin.

Optional Equipment
Additional optional equipment is available for the K-Series filter as requested including:

  • Replacement filter bag
  • Dump bin for 750 & 1000
  • 45 gallon barrel
  • Roll of 45 gallon plastic waste bags
K-200 filter with AirWash


Download data sheets for the K-Series filter.

Compare Models

K-Series Filter Model Comparison

Compare available K-Series filter models. Visit the downloads section for more information on specific models.

Filter Area (ft²)81162243360
No. of filter bags8162424
No. of waste discharge points1233
No. of clamps1233

Basic AirWash Assembly – Part 1: Assembly of Airwash and K-Series Filter