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Solutions for conveying of granules with low weight, to one or multiple destinations, and in low or high capacity installations.

Efficient trim extraction systems to meet the demands of high-speed production

RVS separator systems are perfect for larger systems that demand maximum suction power.

Numerous pneumatic evacuation, conveying, and trim handling systems perfect for nearly every situation.

Remove unnecessary dust and light impurities from re-processed material or plastic pellets.

The MultiDicer is designed specifically for downsizing die-cut waste such as skeletons and punch outs.

Best-in-class pneumatic extraction and conveying for film, foil and paper production and converting machines.

Move blow moulded bottles and products efficiently using an Inline Venturi system.

Easily remove and transport flash and rejects using a best-in-class Kongskilde pneumatic system.

Convey and deliver injection moulded components automatically within a production using the power of air.

With pneumatic conveying and dedusting solutions, recyclers become better at using the original quality of the plastic.

Significantly improve the quality and reusable percentage of re-processed materials, while also enhancing safety and the work environment.

Kongskilde’s Venturi systems offer efficient solutions for suction of logs or cookies to meet the demands of high-speed production in industry.