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Conveying Blowers

TRL Blowers

High-pressure blower suitable for both suction and blowing systems, as well as suction-blowing systems

The TRL range with accessories is ideal for conveying granular material and similar products. They are also suitable for most suction purposes, such as suction of welding fumes, as well as many ventilation tasks.

The Kongskilde TRL high-pressure blowers are available in a wide range of sizes – providing a variety of performance characteristics capable of meeting specific industrial requirements.


TRL High-Pressure Blowers

The aerodynamic shape of the TRL blower ensures high efficiency and low energy consumption. The blowers are designed as a centrifugal fan with a perfectly balanced rotor and thus a vibration-free operation, which minimizes the noise level. The TRL series of blowers are incredibly versatile in application.

TRL Air Regulator

Combining the blower with an air regulator optimizes the conveying airspeed, which minimizes damage to the material even when conveying delicate materials. The constant air velocity also prevents the overloading of the motor and minimizes the power consumption.


  • The small and medium-sized blowers are one-stage centrifugal blowers with closed rotors, whereas TRL 300 and 500 have two respectively three stages, which also are equipped with, closed rotors.
  • Select models are equipped with air regulators.
  • Smaller models can be used as either a transport blower or suction blower.
  • Many midsize and large models can be utilized for both suction and blowing systems, or as a combination of a suction-blowing system.
  • The material does not pass through the blower.


  • Minimal space for installation, the conveying pipes can reach anywhere.
  • Low weight of the conveying pipe means only small loads on buildings.
  • No heavy components to be installed in inaccessible places.
  • Wide range of modular pipe components and junctions means flexible installation options.
  • Only electrical installation to the blower and rotary valve intake, which are centrally located.
  • Easy capacity regulation with shutter on the inlet of the rotary valve intake unit.
  • Maximum capacity is achieved with pressure conveying.
Compare Models

TRL Model Comparison

Compare available TRL blower models. Visit the downloads section for more information on specific models.

TRL 20TRL 40TRL 55TRL 75TRL 100TRL 150TRL 200
Motor rpm2900290029002900290029002900
Amp. Consumption3.14.47.510.5202733
Motor rating, kW (HP)1.5 (2)3 (4)4 (5.5)5.5 (7.5)7.5 (10)11 (15)15 (20)
TRL 300TRL 500TRL 600TRL 750TRL 1000TRL 1250TRL 1500
Motor rpm2900290029002900290030003000
Amp. Consumption39657896129150185
Motor rating, kW (HP)22 (30)37 (50)45 (60)55 (75)75 (100)90 (125)110 (150)