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Monitoring & Service


Cloud-based platform for monitoring equipment data and accessing machines remotely

The CORE cloud platform empowers you to monitor all your Kongskilde equipment data – anywhere in the world.

The CORE dashboard is accessible through any browser 24/7. Visually monitor your equipment and make sure everything is running smoothly at any time. The system collects valuable data and gives the user access to remote system monitoring and historical data.

Should something happen that creates a stop in production, you will have access to historic data and alarms to narrow in on the root cause.


Collect. Observe. Report. Enhance.

CORE is a data collection cloud where your data is brought to life. Start collecting valuable data that simplifies the management of your fleet and optimizes production. Users can access their CORE platform from a browser remotely using an industrial IoT gateway that meets all security standards.

Cloud-Based Solution

Leverage the power of the cloud in your production

Remote System Monitoring

Monitor systems from your browser anywhere, anytime

Historical Data Access

Access historical data, measurements, and alarms

Preventive Maintenance

Monitor equipment effectiveness and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Efficient service planning and scheduling secure production uptime when breakdown is avoided.

Live Alert Notifications

Receive live alerts for warnings and error levels via mail and SMS text message.

Remote Access

CORE can deliver wireless updates and remote access from anywhere instantly. Gain access to the CORE dashboard through a browser connection 24/7.

Remote access to CORE allows Kongskilde Industries to change settings, and push software updates from anywhere.

  • Remote troubleshooting and support
  • Adjust or turn equipment on/off remotely

Over-the-Air Wireless Updates

Kongskilde’s equipment can easily be in service for decades. Over-the-air software updates can go into effect years after the Kongskilde solution was installed. New features are delivered remotely over-the-air, such as remote access for configurable interface

Live System Status

Monitoring of pressure, temperatures, and vibrations with remote troubleshooting and support.

  • Inverter warnings, condition, temperature, and overheating safety measures
  • Motor torque, power consumption, temperature, and emergency shutdown
  • Temperature measuring points for inverter, ambient, motor room, filter differential pressure

Key Benefits

  • Predict and avoid breakdowns or production stops.
  • Prevent unnecessary wear on equipment.
  • Eliminate the need for service technicians to be in direct contact with machines for troubleshooting.
  • Enables fast response to critical issues.
  • Optimize service intervals and system performance.
  • Simple complete fleet management.


Download available brochures and data sheets.


CORE Videos

Learn more about service and monitoring with CORE.