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Downsizing Cutters & Granulators

MultiDicer Skeleton Shredder

Cuts thick paperboard down into sizes below 75 x 75 mm

The Kongskilde MultiDicer is designed to cut thick paperboard down into sizes below 75 x 75 mm. These dimensions can be conveyed in Kongskilde’s normal conveying systems typically with a pipe diameter of 160 mm or 200 mm. This means that paperboard skeletons from die cutters and paperboard waste in the packing industry can be removed from the production area in a simple, efficient and economical way.


Designed for the packaging industry

The MultiDicer uses rotating knives cutting against fixed knives to cut the material both lengthways and crossways. After cutting the waste, the pieces are vacuumed away by a Kongskilde pneumatic conveying system. Along with the paperboard frame cutter, Kongskilde can supply complete custom systems for the removal of packaging waste.


  • Due to the modest pipe diameter, the conveying only requires a limited volume of air. Conditioned air from the production area is often used as conveying air and is therefore very energy efficient.
  • The MultiDicer is able to shred up to 12,000 sheets per hour. This means that the capacity is large enough to treat the waste from even the fastest die cutters in the industry.
  • For material thicker than 800 g/m², Kongskilde has the ability to test your material at one of our facilities.
MultiDicer punch-out application drawing


Download data sheets, manuals, and spare parts lists for the Kongskilde MultiDicer. For wiring diagrams, please contact us.

Compare Models

Compare MultiDicer Models

Compare available MultiDicer series models. Visit the downloads section for additional technical information.

KMD 12KMD 18
Max. sheet size (width)1,060 mm1,630 mm
Max. number of sheets per hour
(at max 8% remains per sheet)
Materials which can be cut downPaper, cardboardPaper, cardboard
Weight of material* (before die-cutting)90 g/m² – 800 g/m²90 g/m² – 800 g/m²