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Venturi Systems Conveying Plastic Endless Trim – Spain

A manufacturer of food packaging films was looking to replace outdated equipment to improve trim handling efficiency from their extruder lines.

The Challenge

  • The customer wanted 6 new individual Venturi systems to optimize efficiency from 6 extruders.
  • The customer wanted to conserve floor space and discharge material at 2 opposite points of the factory where briquette machines were placed.
  • The customer needed better air separation.
  • The customer needed a more efficient system with enhanced safety features.
  • The customer wanted to mitigate stops.

The Facts

  • Production:
    • Consumption of new blower = €22,000/year saved
    • Avoiding stops (0% Stop)= €40,000/year saved
    • Eliminated Compressed air = €9,000€/year saved
    • Hours of maintenance reduced = €9,000-12,000/year
    • Improved safety through reduction of noise pollution by about 10%
    • Breakdown, corrective maintenance, and stops eradicated
  • Conveying distance:
    • 10 – 25m and 5 bends
  • Trim thickness/Speed relation:
    • 10 – 25 micron at 60-110 m/min
    • 30 – 50 micron at 45-60 m/min
    • 50 – 90 micron at 25-50 m/min
    • 90 – 180 micron at 12-25 m/min

The Solution

  • Renew and optimize efficiency at 6 extruder machines.
  • For each extruder, we installed 2xØ60 or 3xØ60mm pick-up points, each one ended by a steel flex hose of 1.2 meters.
  • Both suction points joined into a common duct that will connect to an individual Venturi ITF 100 per machine.
  • Upgrade the power to the high-pressure blower, MultiAir FC2080T, equipped with a frequency inverter and soundproof design.
  • Main equipment has been placed on the top floor of the client’s machines and each venturi system has been installed near the final section of the route, at approx. 1-2 meters before the static separator.
  • Static separators have been chosen as the common discharge equipment.

Before Kongskilde’s Solution:

After Kongskilde’s Solution:

The Advantages and Benefits

In the previous solution, the continuous trim sometimes was not properly discharged into the compactor and as a result of this, some quality rejects were provoked by jams on the Rolls.

  • ROI = 1.5
  • Eliminated downtime (0% stops) by €40,000 annually.
  • Reduced energy consumption by 60%, saving €22,000 annually.
  • Cost savings of approximately €‎9,000 by removing compressed air.
  • Reduced preventative and corrective maintenance costs by €9,000 – €12,000 annually.
  • The smaller footprint of the MultiAir blower allows for optimized space management.
  • Improved safety through reduction of noise pollution by 10% on the production floor.
  • Risks of interventions mitigated.

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