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Efficient Removal of Plastic Production Waste at Yogurt Producer – France

A French yogurt producer sought to cut plastic waste from five production lines and streamline waste removal, which cost EUR 9,000 monthly. Implementing the Kongskilde MultiSeparator and RVS system not only recovered over 8 tons of waste per month for resale but also reduced costs by directing waste into cost-effective bigbags for transportation.

The Challenge

  • This large French producer of yogurt had a wish to eliminate plastic waste from five production lines.
  • At the same time, the company wanted to eliminate the manual work of regularly removing two plastic boxes per production line from the production area to the waste container.
  • The yogurt producer wished to separate the different coloured stars (a “star” is the plastic off-cut in the middle of a yogurt 4-pack)
  • The company had a cost of EUR 9,000 per month for transport and handling of unsorted bulk waste to the recycling company.

The Facts

  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Dimensions: Min. 8.5 x 8.5 mm, Max 20 x 20 mm
  • Conveying distance: 30 meters

The Solution

  • The system consists of the Kongskilde MultiSeparator, the RVS, which enables the removal by suction of waste material from the 5 yogurt production lines.
  • It comes with a BPD 30 kW blower, designed for handling of material through the blowers. It is equipped with a self-cleaning rotor, which has backward curved blades and an aerodynamic intake.

The Advantages and Benefits

  • Over 8 tons of production waste material recovered and resold to raw material supplier at approximately EUR 200 per ton.
  • Cost savings on waste treatment by recycling company.
  • Waste material now conveyed directly into bigbags, saving EUR 9,000 per month due to lower transportation costs compared to whole containers.
  • Expected payback time of less than three years.
  • Individual conveying lines from each production machine make separation of different waste materials/colors possible.
  • Elimination of staff requirement for internal transport of small containers from production area to outside containers.

Individual conveying lines from each production machine make it possible to keep different waste materials/colours separated.

The Kongskilde Solution

After the Kongskilde system was installed the offcuts are now sorted in bigbags, resulting in significant monthly savings.

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