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Conveying Blowers

MultiAir Blowers

High-pressure blower with a low noise level for pneumatic systems

The MultiAir® high-pressure blower is the power source in many Kongskilde solutions and can be found in installations all over the world. The MultiAir is a quiet, compact, and weatherproof unit. These unique features allow the blower to be positioned flexibly within the production area, both inside and outside.

Kongskilde offers a number of blower sizes in the MultiAir 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 series in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions.


The versatile Kongskilde MultiAir blower series

The Kongskilde range of high-pressure MultiAir blowers is specifically designed as an integral part of the Kongskilde pneumatic conveying range of equipment.

The MultiAir is used in connection with the Kongskilde pneumatic equipment line in order to convey material within the plastic, packaging, and printing industries. It is ideally suited for conveying shredded material, granulates, injection molded parts, finished components, and endless film, foil, or paper trim.

The MultiAir is available in a variety of sizes and is able to convey material over long distances and at high capacity, which makes it a versatile solution for any production.


  • Unique soundproof design results in a very low noise level.
  • Minimal required maintenance due to very few moving parts.
  • Compact design allows for flexible placement of the blower within new or existing systems.
  • Weatherproof casing for positioning indoors or outdoors.
  • Built-in touch screen controls for easy setting and adjustment.
  • Adjustable performance of the blower saves power.
MultiAir blower in a trim handling system

Download data sheets, manuals, and spare parts lists for the MultiAir series of blowers.

The New MultiAir 4000

The largest and latest addition to the MultiAir blower family is the high-capacity MultiAir 4000. The MultiAir 4000 is engineered to meet the demand for increased performance and higher pressure levels. It is the perfect solution for high-volume trim removal and for large pneumatic systems that include venturis or separators.

About the MultiAir 4000

The MultiAir® 4000 series is a new generation of high-efficiency high-pressure blowers, which are very reliable, save power, have a low noise level, and have low maintenance requirements. As standard, the 4000 series is equipped with the same type of control with frequency converter as the MultiAir® FC 2000 series.

The new MultiAir® FC 4000 series of blowers are available in two product ranges, each with different motor sizes, and has the ability to move clean air with or without material through the blower.

The “P” range is a clean air blower for carrying particles, which can be used in systems for handling air not containing material. The “M” range is for carrying small, light materials—such as paper and plastic foil—and allowing them to pass through the blower.

We like the blowers because they have a unique product line. The MultiAir is really quiet. High end companies don’t want noise and they seek products with noise reduction.

President, Leading Manufacturer of Innovative Bulk Material Handling Solutions 

Variable Speed Control

The MultiAir 4000 features a frequency converter that controls the speed and torque of the electric motor for variable speed control

Built-in Control Panel

The blower can be operated remotely using the built-in control panel and the manual control can be positioned inside or outside of the blower

Adjustable performance

Adjust performance to ensure minimized energy consumption or for systems with varying flow demand

Improved Environment

Very low noise level, built-in controls, and easy access to the blower create an optimal working environment

Compare Models

Compare MultiAir Models

Compare available MultiAir series models. Visit the downloads section for more information on specific models.

Multiair 1000MultiAir 4000
MultiAir 1000MultiAir FC 2000MultiAir FCE 3000MultiAir 4000
Max. output power (kW) 50 Hz1.5 – 5.57.5 – 2222 – 3722 – 55
Rated current 400 V3.4 – 11.125-6339-6563 – 100
Motor (rpm)29000 – 48000 – 48000 – 3600
Frequency converter built
into the blower cabinet
NAAvailable for ambient
temp. -10 to 50°C
NAAvailable for ambient
temp. -10 to 50°C
External converter panelNANAAvailable for ambient
temp. -10 to 40°C
Number of control boxes for
optional connected equipment motors
(separate timer on each)


Learn more about the Kongskilde MultiAir blower and see it in action in the videos below.

MultiAir Applications

The MultiAir is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as conveying shredded material, granulates, injection molded parts, finished components, and endless film, foil, or paper trim.