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Pick-Up Pipes

Flexible solution for efficient trim extraction in the paper and plastic converting industries

The Kongskilde Multi Suction Head (pick-up pipes) offers a flexible solution for efficient trim extraction in the paper and plastic converting industries. The Multi Suction Head ensures easy adjustment of the pick-up points where suction of waste trims directly from the production machine is required.

The Multi Suction Head is available in both OK 100 and OK 160 piping and is easily installed in a new or an existing Kongskilde waste handling system.


Multi Suction Head (Pick-Up Pipes)

The Kongskilde Multi Suction Head consists of four main components – the suction point, movable sleeve, main pipe, and flexible hose. The Multi Suction Head can be configured in a large number of combinations. Due to the large selection of bends and pipes, the suction point can be pointed in almost any direction.

How It Works

The Multi Suction Head consists of a main pipe with an opening along the length of the pipe. The Multi Suction Head is installed directly on the main machinery, taking up minimal space.

Pick-up points, available in different diameters, are mounted on moveable sleeves that attach to the outside of the main pipe allowing a precise fit to the main machinery.

A flexible hose between the moveable sleeves contains the air inside the main pipe. The trim pick-up points are easily moved forth and back on the main pipe, offering custom-built solutions and a fast setup for new converting jobs.

Multi Suction Head


  • Even suction in all pick-up points.
  • Easy adjustment of the suction points.
  • Available in two lengths, OK100 – 1.3-3.3, and 2.5-4.5 m
  • Available in three lengths (OK160) – 1.3-3.3 m, 2.5-4.5 m, and 4.3-6.3 m.
  • Can be shortened by up to a meter on both ends to match the width of the main machinery.
  • Possibility of having various distances between pick-up points.
  • The main pipe is delivered with two sleeves as standard. Additional sleeves can be ordered.
  • Flexible hose available in three lengths – 2 m, 4 m, and 6 m.
  • Additional equipment includes 45o bends, various piping, and extra clamps.


Download available data sheets for Kongskilde’s Pick-Up Pipes (Multi Suction Head).