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Conveying of Granules

Solutions for conveying of granules with low weight, to one or multiple destinations, and in low or high capacity installations.

Bulk material handling is a pivotal aspect of many plastic industries and Kongskilde is the ideal partner to provide best-in-class technology, trade-oriented know-how, and factory-tested solutions. Learn more about our different granule conveying solutions below.

Conveying of Granules with Low Specific Weight – EPS and EPP

Suitable for both high and low-capacity installations, the conveying system is designed to convey granules with low specific weight, such as EPS and EPP, which do not float very easily and must be vacuumed into the conveying system.

Conveying of Granules to Different Destinations

A suction system is ideally suited for conveying granules to different destinations through a pipe system. Typical applications for this system are transferring material from a railcar or day bin to a bank of silos.

Conveying of Granules with a Vacuum Conveying System

The vacuum conveying system is ideally suited for conveying of plastic flakes or regrind. It is ideally suited for evacuating granulators, containers, or other production machines via vacuum and then releasing the material through a rotary valve.

Conveying of Granules in Low Capacity Installations

A TF injector system is perfect for low-capacity installations and can move material from one loading point to several unique destinations. No moving or rotating parts are ever in contact with the conveyed material, increasing uptime and reducing the need for maintenance.

Conveying of Granules in High Capacity Installations

A rotary valve system is ideal for high-capacity installations. The rotary valve feeds the material into the positive air stream generated by the high-capacity MultiAir blower. After having been carried through the smooth pipe system, the cyclone separates the material from the air stream at the discharge point.