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Inline Ionizer

Neutralizes statically charged materials to eliminate clogs in pneumatic conveying systems

The Kongskilde Inline Ionizer is designed to neutralize statically charged materials in pneumatic conveying systems, therefore eliminating material clogs caused by static build-up. Once the charges are neutralized, the material flows freely through the conveying system and productivity increases considerably.

The Inline Ionizer is typically used in connection with the conveying of granulate, plastic edge trim, the cleaning of reprocessed material, etc.


Designed to neutralize statically charged materials

Static charges can build on all types of materials during processing and conveying. Highly static charges can occur in plastic or paper slitter trim materials, containers, bags, sacks, etc.

When the material becomes statically charged during conveying it can create complications at the discharge or collection point. Statically charged material is normally not a problem during conveying, but if the material tends to generate excessive amounts of static it is recommended to install an Inline Ionizer (antistatic pipe) in the system. The Inline Ionizer (Antistatic pipe) needs to be installed as close as possible to the discharge point—which could be a static separator, cyclone, or similar—to prevent regeneration of the charge.


  • Process waste material, like thin plastic foil, clinging to the inside or outside of a discharge box, cyclone, container, etc.
  • Contamination of virgin materials in pneumatic conveying lines.
  • Undesired separation of virgin and reclaimed material due to static charges.
  • Hazardous static charges on machine surfaces.

Inline Ionizer Downloads

Download manuals and data sheets for the Kongskilde Inline Ionizer.