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Pneumatic Conveying of Blow Moulded Parts

Move blow moulded bottles and products efficiently using an Inline Venturi system.

When it comes to moving blow moulded bottles and products, a Kongskilde Inline Venturi system provides the ideal solution.

The future of conveyance takes advantage of one our most abundant natural resources: air. By utilizing pneumatic conveyance for blow moulded plastics and other materials, smart operators can reclaim floor space, send materials longer distances, control contaminants, and reduce overall maintenance.

Most blow moulded items can easily be transferred by a Kongskilde Inline Venturi (KIV) pneumatic conveyor system. From brand new bottles to waste separation, Kongskilde has a variety of proven products and customizable solutions for nearly every application.


Solutions for Conveying of Blow Moulded Products

By incorporating pneumatic conveyance for blow-molded plastics and various materials, savvy operators can optimize floor space, extend material transportation capabilities, manage contaminants, and minimize maintenance requirements.

Pneumatic conveying of blow moulded parts from storage to packaging lines
Pneumatic cleaning and conveying solutions for internal recycling in blow molding productions
Pneumatic conveying of blow moulded bottles from production to storage bins

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Pneumatic conveying increases the efficiency of production and recycling processes, as they simplify and facilitate the rapid transport of relevant materials. The systems must be energy efficient, reliable, adaptable, cost-effective, and operationally safe.