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CUC – Compact Unit with Compactor

A compact machine-side waste collection unit for trim waste

The Kongskilde CUC is a standalone solution for managing endless trim of paper, carton, and plastic/metal foils or cut trim without the need for additional equipment.

With low noise levels and accessible filtration, it adapts easily to production areas and can be moved with ease. Equipped with a built-in frequency converter and adjustable compactor, it offers flexibility and optimal compression for various materials, ensuring efficient waste management.


Quiet, Compact, and Flexible Waste Handling

Efficiently capture, compact, transport, filter, and collect waste for storage or recycling. Waste is collected directly from process machines and compressed for storage in a continuous bag. The simple and intuitive operation allows the user to adjust the suction speed in a second.

Key Features

No Cutter Needed!

  • Sound pressure level: maximum of 80 dB(A) – at 1 meter distance.
  • No need to maintain or replace knives/rotors.
  • Improved safety conditions for operators.
  • Cleaner work environment.

Continuous Bag

  • Bag expands up to 70 meters.
  • The user to decides when to cut the bag and carry it away.
  • Cut bags while your production is running and even mount new continuous bag.
  • Bags are easily closed with strips.

Innovative Design

  • Fits through a standard door and can easily be moved by eg. a pallet jack.
  • Built-in pre- and HEPA-filters let you recirculate the process air while simplifying the set-up of the unit. As an option process air can also be expelled through a pipe. Requires an accessory kit.
  • No anti-static equipment needed due to high airspeed.
  • Intuitive built-in HMI panel.

Lean Production

Streamline your production waste collection


Connect to your machine and start collecting

Small Footprint

Compact design creates a small footprint


Compact Unit Videos

Learn more about the Kongskilde Compact Unit and see it in action.