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Inline Feeders

KIV System

The KIV is paired with the ITF venturi to improve suction and airflow in a conveying system

The Kongskilde Inline Venturi (KIV) features an air return unit that returns the induction air back to the blower, thus permitting only the induced air and the products being conveyed, to pass freely through the Venturi. The air return unit is always paired with an ITF venturi.

A venturi system that features an air return unit is very suitable for the conveying of continuous edge trim and off-cuts. The improved suction allows the material to be conveyed over considerable distances without coming into contact with any moving parts.


Kongskilde Inline Venturi (KIV) System

The KIV air return unit allows the blower to pull back airflow, thus removing the need to increase pipe size to handle the extra air volume generated from the venturi. The KIV system is a valuable solution for the conveying of “odd shape” components, rejects, tops and tails.

Inline Venturi System

Unlike conventional Venturi systems, the Kongskilde Inline Venturi system offers improved suction allowing materials to enter directly into the piping.

The ITF Venturi when paired with a KIV air return system can be placed anywhere in the conveying line with no loss in performance. This allows the venturi and blower to be placed in the most convenient position for each unique system and results in minimal impact on the factory layout.

The pneumatic circuit with the Venturi tube is operated in a closed loop with full feedback of induction air to the blower. Thus, only a small amount of air is necessary to pick up the conveyed material and set it in motion.


  • The system conveys the induced materials extremely gently as the material has no contact with moving parts.
  • The KIV system is a valuable solution for the conveying of “odd shape” components, rejects, tops and tails.
  • Flexible system layout and low maintenance costs.
Inline venturi system with KIV Air Return


Download brochure, data sheet, and manual for the Kongskilde Inline Venturi (KIV).

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