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KPC Guillotine Cutter

Clean and quiet cutter designed to cut waste into long strips for baling

The Kongskilde KPC Guillotine Cutter is designed to work with a continuous vacuum and has no pressure loss on the suction side when it is cutting.

The KPC cutter is built to be an alternative to traditional rotating cutters which cut the material into small pieces, generate excessive amounts of dust, and have a high noise level. With the KPC cutter, the waste can be cut into long strips, making it possible to bale and reducing the dust created in the process.


A more efficient alternative to rotating cutters

The KPC Guillotine Cutter is built to be a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient alternative to traditional rotating cutters.


  • With a KPC Cutter, the waste is cut into long strips so that it can be bundled.
  • A reduced number of cuts makes the dust generated by the cutter extremely low.
  • The noise level peak is a maximum of 65 dBA.
  • The simple construction makes the cutter almost maintenance-free, and the changing of blades can be made by a house mechanic.
  • 1-100 cuts per minute, fully controllable.
  • Option to limit switches built-in for control and fault indication.
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KPC Guillotine Cutter Model Comparison

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KPC 100KPC 200
Height, mm560710
Width, mm234310
Depth, mm110110

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