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CVL 700

Air / Material Separators

CVL Component Vacuum Loader

Streamlines pneumatic conveying for batches of finished components

The CVL streamlines conveying in batches for finished components within plastic processing. It is designed to become an integrated part of Kongskilde Industries’ conveying systems for batch delivery at final assembly line of a wide variety of finished plastic components on a large scale, typically moulded parts such as caps, closures, and other high-precision moulded objects.


Designed to simplify material handling for manufacturers

CVL batch discharge is developed to make material handling easy during manufacturing processes. During the manufacturing of specific products, small injection-molded components often need to be transported from one point to another. A pneumatic system using a CVL has the ability to pick up, convey, and release items over short and long distances to get materials wherever they are needed efficiently.

How it works

The CVL batch discharge assists human operators in offloading, loading, and conveying manufactured materials in batch from one area to another.

The CVL utilizes high-efficiency pressure-controlled MultiAir FC (frequency controlled) blowers coupled to a specially designed vacuum gate material collection, separation, or discharge system. Manufacturers can now move items in specified batches to descramblers, boxes, silos, etc. with a high degree of both speed and reliability.

Injection-Moulded Components

The CVL conveys injection-moulded parts in batches in the desired sequence. Batch discharge is performed by loading all the materials together and lifting them in a predetermined sequence. Therefore, it is safe to say “yes” CVL batch discharge is a prominent solution for handling injection-moulded parts.

Process Material Handling

Everyone recognizes the need for handling materials safely. When conveying industrial materials, it is essential to use the best equipment and strategies at every point to get the job done safely and efficiently. This consideration is vital to any industry regardless of the niche they serve. When the material handling process is done right, it is the ultimate money-saving factor.


  • Automate the manual transportation of items between departments.
  • Replace crude mechanical equipment and tools used for material handling, such as conveyor belts.
  • Pipe extension up to 100 meters available.


Download brochures, manuals, data sheets, and spare parts lists for the CVL.



CVL Component Vacuum Loader Applications

The CVL Component Vacuum Loader is ideal for handling finished plastic components.