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Material Separators

AirWash System

For cleaning/dedusting of plastic regrind to be re-used in the production line.

Kongskilde’s AirWash is the only plastics dedusting system in today’s marketplace that can convey and clean simultaneously.

The Kongskilde AirWash System has a powerful blower, which is used to convey plastic regrind materials from e.g. a granulator or debagging stations to the AirWash separation cyclone. The AirWash system uses air density to vacuum material, process it through a cyclone, and then separate the material for storage or recycling.


Using the AirWash system for material separation and recycling

With the increasing cost of resin prices combined with the environmental and economic benefits of recycling, it is essential for producers to recycle as much plastic as possible.

The AirWash aspiration system is an effective solution for separating and cleaning plastic pellets and granules for recycling. Unwanted fines and dust are removed and collected, ultimately improving the quality of your reusable materials.

Two-Step Process

The AirWash precisely evacuates and cleans material from granulators, mixers, and other process equipment using a two-stage cleaning process.

Dust and fines are separated from the plastic regrind in 2 steps. First, adjustable cleaning is done in the separation cyclone where the material is cleaned by the vortex efficiency in the cyclone. The second cleaning is done in a cascade section where the material is falling by gravity passing adjustable vacuum slots.

After the cleaning, the material can be recycled/reused directly in the production line again. Due to the precise setting control on the system, it is ideally suited for in-house recycling where it can perform uniform cleaning of the material.


Material Applications

Examples of materials suitable for handling in an AirWash system include regrind and pellets of:

  • PP
  • PET
  • PE
  • HDPE
  • Nylon
  • Fibers
  • ABS
  • Carpet
  • Rubber
  • Acrylics
  • Polystyrene
  • and more


  • Improve production cleanliness and reduce facility maintenance costs.
  • Increase material throughput.
  • Reuse more production scrap.
  • Produce higher quality regrind.
  • Maximize production efficiency.


  • Modular components for easy and flexible installation in an existing production facility.
  • The standard AirWash system can be fitted with a swivel hinge for the blower to enable easy inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • An antistatic eliminator can be added near the material outlet for the handling of static materials.
  • Filter bag manifold with collection drums or for continuous operation.
  • Optional independent dust cyclone with an airlock in combination can also be installed with the filter bag manifold.
AirWash Cleaning Process


Download brochures, data sheets, manuals, and spare parts lists for the AirWash.

Compare Models

AirWash Model Comparison

Compare available AirWash series models. Visit the downloads section for more information.

AirWash 50EAirWash 100EAirWash 150E
Blower, kW (hp)4 (5)7.5 (10)11 (15)
Rotary valve, kW (hp)0.55 (0.75)0.55 (0.75)0.55 (0.75)
Max. conveying output
(Appr. Capacity subject of test), kg/h
225 – 450450 – 900900 – 1300

AirWash Videos

Learn more about the Kongskilde AirWash and see it in action in the videos below.