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Cleaning of Regrind Plastic Material in the Automotive Industry – USA

With the installation of the Kongskilde AirWash system with dust collector, the reuse of ground material increased significantly. The dust was eliminated from the regrind material which improved the product quality as well as the working environment. The system was paid back in 6 months.

The Challenge

This US-based factory produces door panels, bumpers, moldings, HVAC ducts, fluid systems, etc. to the automotive industry.

  • The company had severe working environment problems with dust all over the factory.
  • The company also had difficulties separating dust from the regrind material. Only 30% of the regrind material was reused.
  • Tools and screens for machines required frequent cleaning of dust to avoid quality issues for the final product.
  • The solution had to increase the use of the regrind material, significantly reduce the dust problem to improve health & safety, and have a short pay-back period.

Before the Kongskilde system was installed, the material was transported from the grinder to the hopper with a “material through fan”. The material through fan further damaged the material and created additional dust. Only a small percentage of dust was collected in the filter bags.

The Solution

  • The Kongskilde system consists of the AirWash 50 with K-200 dust collector. Material inlet from the grinder is transported through OK pipes with 160 mm diameter, while outlets to dust collector is OK pipes with 200 mm diameter.
  • The AirWash double cleaner system virtually removes all dust from the regrind material, and the output is ready for reuse in the blow moulding process.
  • The AirWash 50 comes with a blower MTD25 4,0 kW motor and a standard frame.
  • The dust is collected in the K-200 bags. The dust bags must be emptied weekly/bi-weekly depending on the material and grinding process.
The Kongskilde AirWash solution

The Advantages and Benefits

  • The payback of the Kongskilde system was 6 months.
  • After installing the Kongskilde system, the reuse of grinded material increased from 30% to 80%, leading to significant financial savings.
  • Eliminating dust from the regrind material improved product quality and reduced the need for frequent cleaning of machines and tools.
  • The work environment improved through a significant reduction of dust from the factory indoor environment, and the need to wash slippery floors was reduced.

The Facts

  • Material: HDPE Regrind
  • Bulk density: <35 lbs./ft3
  • Particle size: 3/8”
  • Rate: ~650 lbs./hr. (295 gram/hr)
  • Number of machines: 30+ individual machine side grinders that all require AirWash units.
A USA automotive manufacturer needed a solution for reducing dust in their production and increasing the quality of regrind material.