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Pneumatic Conveyors

Suction Blowers – SUC and SupraVac

Flexible electric and tractor-powered suction conveying systems for both indoor and outdoor conveying.

All SUC systems are designed to pick up the grain on the suction side and deliver the material on the pressure side, so no additional loading equipment is needed. Our wide range of suction blowers fits the needs of all farming applications. From low capacity on-farm installations to high-capacity mobile systems. All systems ensure cleanliness from batch to batch and economic acquisition.

Electric powered capacity is up to 33 t/hour and PTO driven capacity is up to 120 t/hour. For all setups, Kongskilde offers a wide range of additional systems for efficient suction. Different types of heads and pipes secure efficient handling, gentle for material, and are convenient for the operator.


A unique, flexible solution for conveying indoors or outdoors

Whether you need a temporary or permanent conveying system, Kongskilde has vacuum and suction systems that will help you move grain where it needs to be. The wide range of electrical and tractor-powered grain vacs with capacities of up to 5,000 bushels of grain (120 tons) per hour means there’s a blower for every job. Additionally, the OK Pipe System makes it quick and easy to establish temporary or permanent pipelines.

How it works

Grain is sucked into the system on the intake side of the blower. The blower’s intake is connected to the top of a suction cyclone. In this cyclone, grain and air get separated. The grain drops down into the rotary valve fitted on the bottom outlet of the cyclone.

The rotary valve deposits the grain into the pipeline on the pressure side of the blower. At the point of delivery, an outlet cyclone slows down the speed of the grain before it is dropped out of the bottom outlet.

Suction Blower Example
Suction Blowing System Example

SUC-E, SUC-T, SUC-TR, and SupraVac 2000 Suction Blowers

The SUC E is the electrically driven Grain Vac/Suction Blower. SUC-T, SUC-TR, and SupraVac 2000 are all tractor-driven. SUC-T is lift mounted, and SUC-TR and SupraVac 2000 are trailer types. All three models offer the possibility of maximum mobility together with high capacity. Furthermore, SupraVac 2000 offers a hydraulically operated truck load-out boom that can fold and unfold for road transport.


Tractor Powered

The SUC-TR models are pull-type PTO-driven grain vacs that can be used to load trucks or grain wagons directly from the on-floor storage, silos or grain bins. They can also be used to convey commodities to storage where high-capacity conveying is required.

  • The trailer models are powered by the tractor’s PTO shaft.
  • Loading equipment is standard on SUC-TR models.
  • Ideal for loading trucks and trailers.
  • Belts can be tightened without using tools.

SupraVac 2000

Tractor Powered

The SupraVac 2000 has a capacity of up to 5,000 bu/h (120 t/h), making it the ideal grain vac for farmers and commercial users. The power takeoff-driven SupraVac 2000 requires 150 hp. It has a hydraulic-folding truck loading boom that allows for quick setup. It conveniently locks into place for transport and storage.

  • Our largest tractor-powered suction blower.
  • Capacity up to 120 t/h.
  • Loads even the largest vehicles quickly.
  • Hydraulic folding of loading equipment to transport position.
  • Easy connection of pipe system.
  • Optional transport box for the suction head and pipe components.


Tractor Powered

The SUC-T models are three-point hitch PTO-driven grain vacs. The blowers can be used to convey commodities to where high-capacity conveying is required and when no electrical power source is available.

  • Attached to the tractor’s three-point linkage.
  • Capacities up to 44 t/h.
  • Automatic air control is standard on the SUC-T.
  • Also available with suction equipment for pure compressed air conveying. Provides approx. 20% increased capacity.
  • The compact design makes it easy to maneuver.


Electric Powered

SUC E is the electrically driven Suction Blower, ideal for indoor use where tractor-powered units are not an option. SUC E is mounted on a trolley and can therefore easily be moved from place to place.

  • Mainly used for grain conveying inside buildings.
  • Capacities up to 33 t/h.
  • On wheels and easy to move.
  • Control cabinet for automatic starting/stopping the motor.
  • Belt transmission protects the drive of both blower and rotary valve.


  • Tractor-powered models are independent of electric power supply.
  • Can be used in fields for loading grain.
  • Moves the grain horizontally, vertically, and around corners.
  • No requirements for the configuration of buildings or grain pits.
  • If higher capacity is needed, the suction blower can be replaced by a larger model using the same pipe system.
  • Indoor storage of the machines means that it is less exposed to the weather.
Compare Models

SUC Model Comparison

Compare available SUC-E, SUC-T, and SUC-TR models.


SUC 300 TSUC 500 TSUC 700 T
Recommended min. power of
tractor PTO kW/hp
Weight, kg350595711
Capacity, max. t/h203344


SUC 500 TRSUC 700 TRSUC 1000 TR
Recommended min. power of
tractor PTO kW/hp
Weight, kg8207701050
Capacity, max. t/h204464


SUC 100 ESUC 150 ESUC 200 ESUC 300 ESUC 500 E
Motor power (blower), kW/hp7.5/1011/1515/2022/3037/50
Weight incl. motors, kg210243285477668
Capacity, max. t/h4.58101422.5

Videos of Kongskilde SUC Suction Blowers

The SUC-E by Kongskilde Industries is ideal for both indoor and outdoor pneumatic conveying jobs. The SUC-E models are provided with wheels and can easily be moved from one job to another.