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Aspirators – KF

The cleaning of agricultural crops is an important issue of the future, and the KF series offers various pre-cleaner models depending on required capacities and space available. The KF series utilizes aspirator cleaning to ensure clean quality output.

The KF aspirator pre-cleaners are suitable for capacities from 12 t/h to 60 t/h.


How the KF Aspirator Works

Aspirators are suited for the removal of dust and light impurities from grain. The grain passes through an upwards moving air stream in the aspirator. The air stream picks up dust and light impurities, and gravity allows the grain to fall down into the bottom outlet of the aspirator.

The dust and light impurities follow the air stream through the blower and further on into a pipeline to the desired discharge point.

The KF series offers various pre-cleaner models – KF12, KF20, KF40, and KF60 – depending on the required capacities and space available. The best location for these aspirators depends on the individual conveying system. They may be used in conjunction with a bucket elevator, auger system or pneumatic air system. The use of Kongskilde piping components means easy assembly in new or existing systems. The system is easily adjusted to allow for different crops and capacities.

The construction of the pre-cleaner provides many options for integration in a grain plant. We recommend that the grain cleaner is installed in such a way that it can clean the grain both before filling it into storage and after emptying the storage.


  • Modular system with great flexibility for built-in systems.
  • Cost-effective way to clean grain before going into storage or coming out.


Download brochure, manuals, and spare parts for the KF aspirators.



Spare Parts



See the Kongskilde KF Aspirator in action.