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Dual Cleaners – KDC PLUS

The Kongskilde dual grain cleaner, KDC PLUS, is a combined screen and aspiration cleaner with capacities of up to 80 t/h. Ideal for the pre-cleaning of corn, barley, wheat, rye, peas and beans as well as for grading of malting barley and seed.

The inner screen serves as a scalper, removing all large particles, and the total outer screen area is available for small seeds or fines removal. This is the only machine available with a fully adjustable pitch.

With the vacuum, you actually get 100% aspiration. It conveys/blows its own screenings up to 50 feet (15 meters). Capacities are adjustable.


Maximize the value of your crop

The KDC is a grain cleaner with a dual cleaning function that utilizes both screen and aspirator technology.
The screens sort the grain by means of size, and the aspirator unit removes light impurities and dust by means of air for exceptional cleaning capability.

The KDC Plus features hinged doors for complete access to screens for easy screen replacement and visual inspection from either side. The inner screen serves as scalping, removing all large particles, and the total outer screen area is available for smaller fines removal. The KDC Plus 4000 has a capability of up to 1,400 bu/h (40 t/h). The KDC Plus 8000 can handle twice as much with a capability of up to 2,800 bu/h (80 t/h).


  • Kongskilde Industries offers a large assortment of screens for size separation of grain kernels. See datasheet for more details.
  • Wide assortment of standard screens for all common crops.
  • Cleaning brushes clean the outer screens.
  • Rain cover for motors and gearboxes.
  • OK 200 pipe system and cyclone, connected to the outlet of the aspirator blower for conveying trash and fines.
  • A transport kit for short-distance movement of KDC 4000/8000 PLUS is available.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective size separation of grain kernels through two layers of screens.
  • Quick-release system for easy and fast replacement of screens.
  • Large selection of screens for all common crops.
  • Cleaning by aspiration after size screening for maximum removal of dust.
  • Limited stress and wear of cleaner with rotative parts only, so no vibration is transmitted.
  • All components exposed to the ambient are made in galvanized steel suited for outdoor installations.
  • Wear spots are made in stainless steel.
  • Dampers on the torque arm for gear drive reduce the stress load on the screen drum.
  • A vacuum inside the drum compartment limits the amount of dust.
  • Easy adjustment of screen drum angle by use of crank handle (standard on KDC 8000 PLUS).
  • Easy inspection during operation through multiple windows.

Easy access for collection of samples after grain cleaning.

The bottom inlet is made of heavy stainless steel for weather resistance.

Cleaning brushes are mounted on a spring-loaded arm for efficient even load on the outer screens.

Quick-release system makes it easy to change screens and prepare for the next crop.

Compare Models

KDC Model Comparison

Compare available KDC PLUS models.

Max. capacity pre-cleaning, t/h*4080
App. capacity seed cleaning, t/h*3-176-34
App. capacity malting barley, t/h*3- 176-34
Screen drum drive, motor size kW (HP)1.5 (2.0)2.2 (3.0)
Screen drum RPM21.923
Blower for aspirator, motor size kW (HP)4.0 (5.5)4.0 (5.5)
Blower for aspirator, motor RPM 3,0003,000
Auger drive, motor size kW (HP) 0.75 (1.0)1.1 (1.5)
Auger RPM450240
*Capacity affected by grain type and condition, moisture, impurities, angling of KDC, selection of screens

KDC Videos

See the KDC Dual Cleaner in action.

Case Studies