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Conveying Pipes

Pipes – OK

The Kongskilde OK pipe system is ideal for pneumatic and mechanical conveying.

The OK pipe system’s modular design comprises pipes, bends, branches, diverters, cyclones, outlets, etc. The components are assembled quickly and easily using the unique OK quick release couplings. The wide range of OK piping and accessories ensures flexibility and ease of installation on grain bins, silos, and buildings.

When using pneumatic transport systems, bends are most exposed to wear. Kongskilde has therefore introduced the OKX 160 bends of hardened steel, which have a considerably higher wear resistance and therefore a longer lifetime compared to standard bends.


The Kongskilde OK Pipe System

The OK pipe system is ideal for pneumatic and mechanical conveying and ventilating applications. The simple and flexible pipe systems may be adjusted to suit any specific purpose, resulting in shorter conveying distances and therefore the most efficient and economical solutions. Customized systems can be supplied – tailored to meet any specific requirement – whether for conveying or ventilating.

Robust Construction

The sturdily constructed OK pipe system is made from galvanized sheet steel. The rolled pipe ends serve as reinforcements, maintaining the circular shape and ensuring tight joints.

Three pipe diameters

The OK pipe system is available in three different diameters: OK 100 (100 mm), OK 160 (160 mm) and OK 200 (200 mm). The dimensions refer to the outside pipe diameters.

Wall Thickness

Choice of wall thickness depends largely on the wear to which the pipe system will be exposed. The wide range of pipes is therefore available in different thicknesses – OK standard, OKR reinforced and OKD extra reinforced (for gravity flow).



Download brochures and manuals for the Kongskilde OK pipes.

OK Pipe Applications

Kongskilde OK Pipe can be used in all kinds of conveying solutions.