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Tube Augers – DGA and DGS

A simple conveying solution, as the DGA/DGA tube augers will work at all angles from horizontal to vertical. The DGA/DGS grain augers are widely used – both by farmers and by grain and feed merchants but also by the industry for the conveying of grain and other granular materials.


DGS and DGA Tube Augers

These augers are economical solutions for grain conveying and can be fitted at any angle from horizontal to vertical. Conveying capacity up to 90 t/h. The smaller sizes are highly mobile. With the modular standard components these augers can easily be built together according to the customer’s needs.

Highlights – DGS Grain Augers

  • A high capacity grain auger available in two models, DGS 205 and DGS 254.
  • DGS 205 – available with belt transmission/gear drive.
  • DGS 254 – available with gear drive.
  • Capacities up to 60 t/h / 90 t/h (horizontal conveying).
  • Galvanized surfaces suitable for outdoor installations.
  • Modular standard components.
  • Capacity control on the inlet.
  • Range of connectors and hoppers for optimum usage.

Highlights – DGA Grain Augers

  • Available in three models, DGA 102, DGA 127, and DGA 152.
  • All models with belt drive and motor mounted at auger outlet.
  • Capacity up to 40 t/h (horizontal conveying).
  • Capacity control and safety grid on the inlet.


Download brochures, manuals, and spare parts lists for the DGS and DGA tube augers.


Manuals & Spare Parts


Tube Auger Video

See the Kongskilde tube auger in action.

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