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Drying and Storage Systems

Wooden Silos/Bin Dryers – KCT/KC

The KCT/KC silos are well suited for indoor drying and storage of grain. The silo walls are produced mainly of wood.

These bin dryers offer the seed producers a gentle and uniform drying process which guarantees a good germination of their seed.

They also make it easy to dry the moisture content in the crop down to a level where it is safe for storage.


KCT/KC Wooden Silos/Bin Dryers

Kongskilde wooden silos are the perfect choice for ventilated and safe indoor storage and in-bin drying of grain with less than 18% moisture content. Under tropical conditions, the indoor wooden silo concept avoids condensation problems in the grain. The silo walls are produced mainly of wood.

A wooden silo solution must be dimensioned to easily handle the standard harvest, and also cope with a particularly large harvest. A Kongskilde system can easily be expanded with additional modules. We offer numerous diameters, heights, and capacities. The configuration depends on average tons of grain handled per year, harvest per day, number of crops, average dampness, etc.

Kongskilde bin dryers offer a gentle and economical drying process to seed producers. The method of drying at low air temperatures is safe and gentle even for large seeds at high moisture contents. The same blower can be used for both filling and drying.


  • Modular system for easy expansion.
  • Numerous diameters, heights, and capacities available.
  • Safe storage and preservation of germination and food quality.


Download brochures, manuals, and spare parts lists for the KCT/KC wooden silos/bin dryers.



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Video of Wooden Silos

Watch videos of KCT batch dryer and wooden silos.

KCT/KC Wooden Silos/Bin Dryers Applications

The Kongskilde wooden silos are suitable for indoor drying and storage of grain and granular material.