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Pre-Cleaning of Grain by Weight

A clean crop without impurities and dust is much easier to store safely.

Pre-cleaning of grain by weight

A clean crop, free of impurities and dust, is much easier to store safely. By minimizing the dust content of the grain, less dust is released into the grain storage environment.

An effective way to remove dust and light contaminants from grain is to pass the crop through an aspirator-type cleaner. In the aspirator, the grain falls through an upward airflow that is set to suck up the light particles, while the cleaned grain falls through the outlet at the bottom of the aspirator.

The aspirator’s cleaning function is driven by a fan, which also transports the cleaned light material through a pipeline to the desired discharge point, e.g. a cyclone.

It is recommended that the grain bin conveyor system be designed so that the grain passes through the aspirator during both filling and emptying of the bin.

Cleaning pig feed

Some farmers make feed for their livestock from grain produced on their farm. This video shows a very common concept. The feed is made from wet harvested corn stored in a tower silo and wheat stored in a conventional silo.

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