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Cash Crop Farming

Solutions for Cash Crop Farming

Take your cash crop production to the next level with Kongskilde Industries’ solutions for efficient handling of almost any crop to increase your output and market opportunities.

Corn, Soybeans, and Cereals

Careful pre-treatment and cleaning of corn and soybeans

Corn and soybeans must be totally cleaned for impurities to secure safe storage for profitable crops. This is why we have developed dual cleaning maximizing the removal of impurities.

Kongskilde specializes in pretreatment solutions developed for cleaning of cash crops. Moreover, we offer flexible transport solutions to fit all types of cash crop farms.

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Grain, Canola, and Peas

Efficient in-house transport and cleaning of grain, canola, and peas

Effectively takes care of handling your crop in-house when it comes to conveying and cleaning and drying. We provide gentle systems for conveying of typical cereals, such as grain, canola (rape seed), and peas. We offer both stationary and mobile solutions for all cash crop farm sizes. When it comes to cleaning, we offer efficient systems for precleaning and separation of i.e. malting barley.

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Special Crops

Transport and storage solutions for special crops

For decades, Kongskilde has provided silos worldwide for safe storage of rice, and also macadamias, and coffee beans. The unique Kongskilde silo systems have wooden walls for effective insulation preventing condensation and efficient cooling and ventilation of the crops to secure trouble-free storage. We provide conveying transport solutions for filling and unloading to provide an overall safe and effective crop handling. Please note: No equipment for paddy rice.

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