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Bulk Handling and Storage Turnkey Solutions (Brock)

Only Available In South Africa

Only Available In South Africa

Whether your on-farm storage consists of a couple of bins with an auger or a whole row of bins with an integrated loading and unloading system Brock bins are the right choice for the job. Brock bins are different by design to provide the security of long-term storage.

The revolutionary design of Brock’s unique TRI-CORR® bin aeration floor system gives it remarkable strength. Moreover, it includes the best features of Brock’s popular aeration floors to provide ample, even air distribution and to allow easy bin clean-out. Brock’s HARVEST-TIME® Bin Unloading System is a “two for one” system. This means that you get an under-floor tube and flight or u-through conveyor combined with a floor sweep – all economically driven by a single electric motor.

A small or high capacity Kongskilde mechanical conveying system to transport the grain from an offloading pit to the silos and from the silos back to the pit to be loaded with a bucket elevator onto a truck

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Whether your business deals in organic or conventional farming, Kongskilde has a solution designed to optimize your processes and production.

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Designed for maximum flexibility, reliability, and quality, Kongskilde’s portfolio of complementary products offers additional customization for our world-class pneumatic systems.