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Drying and Storage Systems

On-floor Drying Control System – PST

The Kongskilde PST on-floor drying control system is used for automatic start/stop of low-pressure blower and heater in an on-floor storage system according to a preset %RH condition.

Using a minimum of manual effort the PST system ensures efficient and economic drying of various crops. The PST on-floor drying control system assists in the process of drying the crop to the desired final moisture content.

Investing in the PST system eliminates expenses for a standard star/delta starter for the low-pressure blower.


Why Use a PST On-floor Drying Control System

The drying process in an on-floor drying and storage system is based upon using natural air or slightly heated air. This gives very narrow tolerances for, when to start and when to stop the blower and the heat source. As the natural air constantly changes temperature and relative humidity, it is practically impossible to control an on-floor storage system manually without a significant loss of energy. Manual control also makes it difficult to obtain the desired final moisture content, which often results in extra expenses when the crop is sold.


Using the PST system ensures that the blower and heater are controlled in a manner that carries out the correct drying process in the shortest possible time with a minimum consumption of energy.

The PST system eases the working process and will prove itself profitable within a short time.

Principle of PST

The PST system consists of a special automatic star/delta starter corresponding to the size of the blower, an outside humidistat, and a humidistat placed in the main channel. The PST star/delta starter is equipped with a main switch and a switch for blower and heater, which permits selection between manual and automatic operation through humidistats. Operation hours for blower and heater can be monitored permitting continuous control of the energy consumption.


  • PST 100 – 600 with motor sizes from 7.5 kW yo 45 kW.


Download data sheet and manual for the PST control system.