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Batch weighing systems offer significant advantages by ensuring precise and consistent ingredient measurements, crucial for maintaining quality control in grain handling applications. 

These systems automate the weighing process, reducing labor costs and minimizing human error. Additionally, a batch weighing system can enhance production efficiency by speeding up the batching process and ensuring accurate, repeatable results every time.

How Do Batch Weighing Systems Work?

A batch weighing system is a specialized machine designed to accurately measure and dispense set amounts of materials in a controlled process, crucial for precise agricultural applications.

Commonly used in sectors like grain handling and feed mixing, batch weighing systems ensure accuracy in measurements, significantly reducing the risk of error and waste in agricultural production.

The term “batch weighing” refers to the technique of weighing materials in predetermined batch sizes, which helps streamline agricultural operations and enhance overall efficiency on the farm.

Batch weighing of grain

Simple and Robust Batch Weighing Systems

Kongskilde twin-compartment batch weighing systems operate on a continuous batch weighing principle in which material flows constantly through the weigher at a given capacity.


  • Robust and simple construction ensures reliable operation of the batch weighing system.
  • Suited to many different applications such as cereals and other granular materials.

FAQ: Batch Weighing Systems 

What is a batch weighing system?

A batch weighing system is used to accurately measure and control the amount of product dispensed in each batch. These systems ensure consistent grain batch quality for applications such as grain handling and livestock feed mixing.

How does a batch weighing machine differ from other types of weighing systems?

A batch weighing machine is specifically designed to handle and weigh specific amounts of grain at one time, providing precise control over each batch. Unlike continuous weighing systems, which measure materials as they pass through a scale, batch weighing machines accumulate materials until a predetermined weight is reached, ensuring each batch remains consistent.

Can batch weighing systems be integrated with other farm management systems?

Yes, batch weighing systems can be seamlessly integrated with other farm management systems to streamline grain handling processes.

What features make Kongskilde batch weighing systems stand out?

Kongskilde batch weighing systems are known for their durability and precision. They feature state-of-the-art technology that is proven to ensure accurate weight measurements and consistent performance under various operational conditions.

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