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Pneumatic solutions for the rubber, food, and packaging industries

Improve your rubber, food packaging, and delivery packaging production workflow with a Kongskilde Industries’ pneumatic conveying solution.

Diaper manufacturing

Absorbent Padding

Quick removal of excess soft pad trim, like from meat packaging or diapers, from your absorbent padding production. With a pneumatic conveying system, you can quickly remove the trim from one or multiple areas in your production area to a disposal or recycling area. Free up space, reduce dust, and improve production efficiency.

Cereals Conveying

Minimize breakage and damage by gently conveying cereals and green coffee with a Kongskilde pneumatic conveying solution. Maintain the high quality of your product when loading and unloading bulk containers, trucks, and bulk bags with flexible, easy-to-set-up suction blowers. Kongskilde’s modular approach to creating solutions ensures that your pneumatic conveying system meets your exact requirements.

Groceries Packaging Material

Excess packaging materials can create a challenge for a busy repackaging facility. Now you can quickly transport cardboard and plastic bags from your production area to disposal using a Kongskilde pneumatic conveying solution. This frees space in your working areas and reduces the amount of traffic associated with the constant transport of packaging materials.

Personal Care Products

Fast and friction-free transportation of soft materials, like soap granulates, can be solved using one of Kongskilde’s pneumatic conveying solutions. Pneumatic systems are flexible and can gently convey delicate materials while keeping them cool. Material is conveyed on a cushion of air within an enclosed system, which reduces the potential for contamination while minimizing damage.

Pet Food Production

Improve the productivity of your pet food production with a Kongskilde pneumatic conveying solution. Pneumatic conveying is gentle on delicate products, like pet food pellets, and has the added benefit of cooling the product while it is being transported saving your business valuable time and reducing the number of steps to bagged product.

Rubber Recycling

Improve the speed and efficiency of your tire and rubber recycling production with a Kongskilde pneumatic conveying solution. Quickly transport ground rubber fractions without the need for human interaction. Efficiently separate larger rubber particles from dust and light particles to ensure a top-quality product that is well suited for reuse.

Snacks Production

We know how important quality is to you and your customers. A Kongskilde pneumatic conveying solution gently transports foods, like extruded puffed corn snacks, before packaging. Save valuable resources by eliminating the need for additional cooling and reducing the need for manpower to move product in the factory.