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Suction Blowing Systems

Polyvac (USA Only)

The Polyvac unit is only available for the North American market.

The Polyvac unit is an integrated solution based on a high-pressure centrifugal blower with a cyclone-like separation unit, in such a way that the conveyed material does not pass through the fast-rotating blower rotor.

The Polyvac unit is designed for the suction of granular materials. The blower creates the vacuum necessary to pick up the material from point A and discharge it through the cyclone and a rotary valve to point B, either directly or through a discharge line.


Designed for high capacity suction conveying

Many conveying jobs in the plastic processing industry can be solved efficiently by using pneumatic conveying systems. By combining the Kongskilde Polyvac unit with Kongkilde’s OK160 pipe system, efficient conveying systems can be tailor-made to meet most conveying demands from process to process, or to and from a storage facility. When handling materials containing high quantities of dust, it is recommended that the outlet of the Polyvac is connected to a filter.

Regrind evacuation from granulators

The PolyVac is unique for the evacuation of re-processed material from shredders and granulators. It creates a high vacuum and thereby ensures sufficient airflow through the granulator for cooling. No material passes through the fast moving fan wheel, thus no additional dust is created in the material. When used in combination with the Kongskilde Aspirator solutions, the PolyVac feeds reprocessed material to the Aspirator, where the material is cleaned and thereafter ready for re-use.

Conveying of granulate

The PolyVac is very suitable for bulk conveying of virgin and regrind material from a gaylord or container to a molding machine or extruder.



Download manuals, data sheets, and spare parts lists for the Polyvac.