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MMBF Modular Filters

The Multi Modular Bag Filter (MMBF) is an under and over pressure filter designed to run in constant operation

The Multi Modular Bag Filter is an under and over pressure filter designed to run constantly. MMBF filters are modular and can be adapted to growing capacity requirements or different tasks. More modules can subsequently be added, or they can be rebuilt to a different height or other material transport systems to meet changed extraction needs.

The MMBF filter is made of high tensile steel to ensure strength combined with low weight. The filter is self-supporting with adjustable legs and can be positioned inside or outside.


Remove unwanted impurities from the air

A modular filter can be designed based on usability preference and can be quickly assembled based on factory standards. The filtration system helps to separate dust and other particles from the factory’s pneumatic equipment and systems, and they prevent dust from polluting the airflow.

Industries can rely on the modular filters offered by Kongskilde industries as they are reliable with fast filtration processes. An industrial entity without a filter module may find it challenging to work efficiently with materials that create dust. Therefore, modular filters are developed to run in factory operations consistently.

Utilizing a modular filter can help eliminate unwanted air pollution to meet any industrial need at a point in time. They operate by using pressure or vacuum to collect waste impurities. A filtration system is an integral aspect of industry processes. It can operate under both high- and low-pressure ranges depending on the material and capacity requirement.

Industrial modular filters foster efficient operation

Based on the specific case, Kongskilde Industries determines the ideal number of filter bags per module. The filter bag is easily mounted and specifically designed for filter equipment. In a scenario where some unwanted particles and elements can distort the industrial process, then the filter bag is set to retain them. We are pleased to flag this solution and support industrial processes and procedures to the best of our skills and knowledge.

Industrial functionality of modular filters

There are several filtration systems in the house and office, however, the modular filter is meant for industrial purposes. It is a piece of innovative equipment that minimizes the solid materials meant for industrial utilization. The modular filter has served industries in several ways both in technical and economic approaches and its effects are significant throughout the equipment functioning process. At Kongskilde Industries, all our systems and techniques are modeled to suit the industrial space and serve its intended purposes.

Dust and particle filtration methods

Dust and particle filtration systems are unique systems utilized to eliminate dust and particles from process air. When industrial activities are carried out, dust and particles are indirectly released into the atmosphere. This is harmful to workers’ health within the environment at that time, but a filtration system can help reduce or eliminate the associated risk.

A modular filter separates the dust and other substance from the air. The system is uniquely designed to handle the removal of unwanted substances in large volumes released from commercial and industrial processes, as the case may be.



Download data sheets for MMBF filters.