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Designed for maximum performance, reliability and quality

Kongskilde products are designed from the ground up to deliver high-quality crop cleaning, conveying, drying, storing, and weighing solutions. Reliable, scalable, and completely customizable, Kongskilde products grow with our customers and their yields. 


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The HVL aeration blowers are high-volume, low-pressure blowers for efficient drying and storage ventilation of grain and other crops.

The FRL aspirator fan cleans grain by removing light impurities.

Kongskilde KIA Aspirator

The KIA is designed to separate light impurities or dust from all types of grain.

The KF aspirator pre-cleaners is a cost-effective way to clean grain before going into storage or coming out.

The Kongskilde BCB belt conveyors are ideal for gentle and self-cleaning conveying in buildings where flexibility and cleanliness are required.

Kongskilde KBE bucket elevators are ideal for vertical conveying of grain and granular materials.

Steel silos in galvanized or stainless steel for indoor and outdoor bulk storage

Kongskilde KCC and KCA chain conveyors are ideal for horizontal conveying of grain and granular materials.

The CFG chain elevators and angleveyors are suitable for vertical and horizontal grain transport,

KDC PLUS 8000 Grain Cleaner

The Kongskilde dual cleaner, KDC PLUS, is a combined screen and aspiration cleaner with capacities of up to 80 t/h.

K-1000 Series Filter

The K-Series bag filter is a modular dust collection unit ideal for indoor installations.

The Kongskilde DGC grain cannon is particularly suitable for applications where mobility and stability are required.

Pressure conveying systems for moving grain from one place to another.

TF Injector

The TF injectors are designed for feeding free flowing material (grain etc.) into a pneumatic conveying line.

Kongskilde offers a wide range of lateral ducts and other products for on-floor drying and storage of grain and seeds.

Directly coupled centrifugal unit designed for handling of material through the blower.

The Kongskilde PST on-floor drying control system is used for automatic start/stop of low-pressure blower and heater in an on-floor storage system according to a preset %RH condition.

The Kongskilde FK pipe system with flanged pipe ends is a simple and flexible pipe system for ventilation and pneumatic conveying.

The Kongskilde OK pipe system with rolled pipe ends is a simple and flexible pipe system for pneumatic conveying.

Rotary valve CAD 40

CAD rotary valves are used for pressure conveying, while CAE are used for suction conveying.

Whether your on-farm storage consists of a couple of bins with an auger or a whole row of bins with an integrated loading and unloading system, the Brock steel silos are the right choice for the job.

Flexible electric and tractor powered suction conveying systems for both indoor and outdoor conveying.

The DTA trough augers are used for horizontal conveying of grain and other granular materials.

A simple conveying solution, as the DGA/DGA tube augers will work at all angles from horizontal to vertical.

The KA twin-compartment batch weighers ensure optimum accuracy, irrespective of the material being weighed. The various models are thus well-suited for many agricultural and industrial applications.

The KCT/KC silos/bin dryers are well suited for indoor drying and storage of grain.