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Chain Elevators – CFG

The CFG chain elevators and angleveyors are suitable for vertical and horizontal grain transport, and can be supplied for conveying capacities of 20 or 40 t/h.

The CFG range includes side augers, angle sections and various elevator boots and inlets. The CFG chain elevators are manufactured in galvanized construction, making the equipment suitable for outdoor installation.


CFG Chain Elevators

The CFG chain elevator is an excellent solution for conveying capacity requirements of 20-40 t/h. CFG chain elevator can be adjusted for conveying at all inclinations from horizontal to vertical.


  • Flexible modular system which offers many options for conveying solutions.
  • Single motor for horizontal and vertical conveying.
  • Galvanized surfaces for outdoor installation.
  • Gear motor or belt drive.
  • Rain cover for motor.
  • Open auger troughs for grain pit. Closed auger troughs for horizontal conveying.
  • Low inlet height.
  • Standard range of connection pipes.
  • Guy wire system permits up to 15 m between supports indoors and 10 m outdoors for horizontal conveying.

Available Solutions

  • With trough inlets
  • With side auger connected to elevator boot
  • With side auger with motor at elevator boot
  • With motor in end of side auger
  • With closed elevator base, inlet on downpipe shaft
  • With 90o angle
  • With 45o angle

Angle Elevator

The angle elevator (angleveyor) provides the perfect solution, if you need a conveyor to work both horizontally and vertically.


  • Needs only connection to a single motor
  • Inlets are fitted to the elevator shaft on the downpipe side, either at the rear or on the sides
  • Compact solution for filling storage e.g. silos
  • Optional gear or belt drives


Download brochures, data sheets, manuals, and spare parts lists for the CFG chain elevators.

Brochures and Data Sheets

Manuals and Spare Parts

CFG Chain Elevators Applications

The CFG chain elevator is an excellent and flexible system offering many options for conveying solutions.