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Pneumatic Conveyors

Injectors – TF

The TF injectors 20/40/55 are designed for feeding free flowing material (grain, fines, etc.) into a pneumatic conveying line.

TF injectors are designed to be used in combination with Kongskilde’s smaller TRL high-pressure blowers.


TF Injector

A TF injector delivers the grain into the pipeline in pressure conveying systems, and is an ideal and simple solution for small capacities. Kongskilde’s three different types of injectors TF 20, TF 40, and TF 55 are used as a feeder unit in combination with the Kongskilde blowers TRL 20, TRL 40, TRL 55, and TRL 75.



Download brochure for the TF injectors.

Compare Models

Compare Injector Models

Compare available TF-series models. Visit the downloads section for more information on specific models.

Conveying capacity for
purified and dried wheat
(700 kg/m3) (t/hour)
10 meters20 meters30 meters40 meters
TRL 20 + TF
TRL 40 + TF 404.
TRL 55/75 + TF 554.
50 meters60 meters80 meters100 meters
TRL 20 + TF
TRL 40 + TF 402.
TRL 55/75 + TF 552.