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Why cleaning is so important, and the effects of impurities

After threshing, grains are contaminated by impurities: Dirt, small pebbles, plant and insect waste, seed cases, weed seeds, etc. These impurities hinder drying and safe storage operations and make them longer and more costly. Indeed, it would be not only costly but also superfluous to waste time, effort, and money on drying the impurities along with the grain.

These impurities lower the quality of the product and are also a focal point for potential infestation during storage.

Cleaning may be accompanied by sorting of the products according to quality, which is indispensable before storage, marketing, or further processing of the products.

Whether you need to grade by weight or size, separate by type, or clean prior to transport or storage, Kongskilde has numerous flexible and customizable solutions (along with expert guidance) that makes the decision an easy one.

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