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Pneumatic Conveyors

Material-Through Blowers – MTD

Directly coupled centrifugal unit designed for handling of material through the blower.

The Kongskilde MTD blowers are direct drive centrifugal units designed for handling material through the blowers. The MTD blowers are equipped with a self-cleaning rotor, which has backward curved blades and an aerodynamic intake. The range covers air volumes from 750 m³/h to 11,000 m³/h. The pressure goes up to 440 mm WG.

The MTD blowers are available with 60 Hz motor.


Kongskilde MTD Blowers

MTD blowers are equipped with a self cleaning rotor, with 6 backwards curved blades and an aerodynamic intake. The rotor is statically and dynamically balanced to ensure maximum airflow and efficiency. The MTD blower is ideal for removing fines as grain is transferred to or from storage.

A volume of up to 7,000 CFM and a max pressure of 18” pt. inches WG can be reached.


  • MTD blower houses are constructed in 3mm steel plate.
  • Suited for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Low power consumption.


Download brochures, manuals, and spare parts for the MTD series of blowers.