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Belt Conveyors – BCB

The Kongskilde BCB belt conveyors are ideal for gentle and self-cleaning conveying in buildings where flexibility and cleanliness are required. The V-shaped rubber belt ensures a very gentle conveying of both grain, rape and seed, as the crop does not touch the belt box.

The conveying capacities range from 60 to 80 t/h.


For horizontal or inclined conveying of grain

BCB belt conveyors are used for horizontal or inclined conveying of grain up to 15°. The capacity is up to 80 t/h over 100 m. Capacity is reduced at inclined conveying.


  • Modular system that provides flexible solutions based on standard components.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Self-cleaning conveying.
  • Belt conveyor for 60 and 80 t/hour is galvanized for outdoor installation.
  • One-way or two-way conveying.
  • Infinite discharge points.


  • Discharge unit that can be moved lengthwise along the conveyor belt, for discharge on both sides of the belt.
  • Inlet that can be run on the conveyor.
  • Cover and dust guard below the belt.
  • Speed sensor for control of belt speed.
  • Multiple intakes on the same belt.
  • Scraper to clean the belt.


Download brochures, manuals, and spare parts lists for the BCB belt conveyors.