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“To ensure the best quality feed for my pigs, I invested in a KDC 8000”

The Kongskilde KDC 8000 removes sand, dirt and other impurities from grain used for animal feed, thus increasing the well-being of the animals.

Dirt, Sand and Grain – A Dangerous Mixture

An increasing number of pig producers is mixing feed on their own farms to maximise profits. But mixing the feed on-site creates a new challenge – efficient removal of dirt, sand and other impurities, which are picked up with the grain during harvesting.

The removal of these impurities is essential for the health and well-being of the animals. Feed with too high levels of dust and sand gives dissatisfaction among the pigs and causes extra wear on the feeder equipment.

Pig producer Allan Gammelgaard farming 600 hectares shares his experiences:

“We used the grain as feed for our pigs. My challenges were most noticeable when I was emptying the bottom of the silo, where most of the sand and dirt had settled. This affected the overall quality of the feed, but also reduced the natural airflow through the grain leading to germination and increasing the risk of toxins. This mixture of grain, sand and dirt posted a health risk to the pigs.”

Pig Producer Allan Gammelgaard at his farm in Denmark in front of his KDC 8000

A Great Result

When investing in a new silo system Allan Gammelgaard decided to invest in Sukup silo solution with a Kongskilde KDC 8000 combi cleaner. “The cleaner removes a lot of dirt and thus reduces the risk of toxins”, says Allan Gammelgaard and continues: “This means that we can avoid adding toxin binders, which are very expensive. We expect quite quickly to retrieve the extra investment in the cleaner.”

The KDC 8000 Delivers A Cleaner Crop

Jacob Svenstrup from Sukup Europe adds: “We chose to include the KDC 8000 combi cleaner because it is the most flexible cleaner on the market. Its galvanized construction allows it to be used both indoors and out. If the customer wants to clean the crop even more, it is quickly to adjust the angle of the KDC. Furthermore, a large variety of screens is available, making the KDC suitable for all types of crops. Changing the screens is easily done when required. And last, but not least, there’s an aspirator that removes the last small bits of dust and other impurities, so the final product is incredibly clean.”

Facts About I/S Gammelaard

  • I/S Gammelgaard was founded in 2007, but dates back to 1979.
  • It is a family-run farm. In 2007 Allan Gammelgaard took over 50% of the farm from his father Jens Gammelgaard.
  • The farm has been extended and modernized through the years – the silo system with the KDC 8000 was installed in 2017. They have 1,200 yearling sows, produce 40,000 piglets, of these 26,000 are sold as slaughter pigs. They farm 600 ha with wheat, barley and rape seed.

Facts about KDC Dual Cleaner

  • 2 screen layers for cleaning and size separation of grain kernels
  • Aspirator chamber for maximum removal of dust
  • Integrated blower for conveying of waste
  • Cleaning efficiency and capacity adjustable via leg system
  • Strong galvanized construction