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“Cleaning with the Kongskilde KDC 8000 improves my feed.”

Cleaner crops sell for higher prices, give better feed, and reduce wear on mills and feeders for the Danish pig producer Kaj Munck.

Unclean Crops Create Massive Challenges

A growing number of pig producers are mixing their own feed from crops from their own fields or from neighbouring farms to improve feed quality and maximise profit.

A farmer with his own grain cleaner is much more independent than a farmer who relies on his grain to be cleaned and sorted by a third party.

The Danish pig producer Kaj Munck tells his story:
“The Kongskilde Combi Cleaner has been a real eye opener – my crops are much cleaner after being cleaned with the KDC 8000,” says Kaj Munck, who decided to invest in a Kongskilde KDC 8000 to sort and clean his crops.

The KDC 8000 at work at Danish pig producer Kaj Munck at Bøgekærgård

“Our problems started when we got to the grain stored at the bottom of our outdoor steel silo. Because of the stiration augers, the sand and dirt, which have been picked up with the grain during harvesting, had moved downwards in the silo. The level of impurities was too high – the pigs were not happy, and the low-quality feed mixture was also causing extra wear and tear on the mills and feeders.”

“But the problems didn’t end there,” continues Kaj Munck. “The dense layer of sand and dirt at the bottom of the silo meant that the natural airflow through the grain was reduced, and this caused the moisture level to rise and increased the risk of toxins in the feed.”

Quickly Cleaned and Sorted

With a capacity of up to 80 tonnes per hour, the Kongskilde KDC 8000 matches the large capacities of modern combine harvesters. The combi cleaner is equipped with a drum fitted with an inner and an outer screen for sorting the crops according to kernel size. Dust and other lightweight impurities are removed by means of air. A large selection of inner and outer screens is available for cleaning and sorting the vast majority of crops. The galvanized steel KDC 8000 is extremely durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


“We used the KDC 8000 to clean the entire 185 hectares of wheat and barley harvested on our fields. It easily handled the 60 tons per hour that were being loaded into the silo, and removed over 8 tons of sand, dirt and other impurities.”

“Now we no longer have problems with sand and dirt, not even when we get to the bottom layer of the silo – and our pigs are happy again,” says Kaj Munck.

Facts About Bøgekærgård

  • Kaj Munck is the owner of Bøgekærgård since 1988.
  • He has expanded the farm from 21 hectares to 185 hectares.
  • He grows wheat, barley, oat, winter barley, rape and grass seed.
  • Furthermore, he has increased the number of yearling sows from 65 to 400, the number of piglets from 1,500 to 13,000, and the number of slaughter pigs from 0 to 2,700.

Facts about KDC Dual Cleaner

  • 2 screen layers for cleaning and size separation of grain kernels.
  • Aspirator chamber for maximum removal of dust.
  • Integrated blower for conveying of waste.
  • Cleaning efficiency and capacity adjustable via leg system.
  • Strong galvanized construction.