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Solutions for Livestock

Secure the maximum commodity output from your livestock by choosing a crop handling solution from Kongskilde. For further information contact us or select your domesticated animal below.

Sheep and Cattle

Flexible feed conveying during cattle transportation

We offer pneumatic conveying solutions for feeding during ship transportation of sheep and cattle. These solutions are flexible and fit in everywhere onboard.

Turkey and Chicken Farms

Adaptable solutions for conveying and storage of grain

Even though turkey and chicken are not too sensitive to the uncleanness of their feed, the grain still requires some cleaning. Kongskilde Industries offer adaptable cleaning solution specific to your needs depending on the size of your livestock farm.

We also offer conveying and storage solutions for your grain – ready for further feed processing. Moreover, we provide weighing solutions for dosage and mixing of your chicken feed.

Pig Production

Completely clean feed for your pigs

Today’s efficient pig productions require totally clean feed without any impurities to promote good health and physical development of the pigs.

The best way to secure clean feed is to have the most efficient grain cleaning methods. Kongskilde’s solutions are both efficient and effective and provides top quality feed for your pigs.

We also offer transportation and storage solutions for your grain – ready for further feed processing.