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Service Bulletin: EAR Replacement


To: Kongskilde Grain Equipment Dealers

Date: January 1, 2023

RE: Electronic Air Regulator Replacement Policy

The Electronic Air Regulator (EAR) was introduced by KONGSKILDE in 1982. It is an integral component for the TRL pressure blower systems. The EAR ensures the gentlest possible conveyance of the grain in the pipeline.

The following policy for replacing defective Electronic Air Regulators, in need of repair, takes effect January 1, 2023.

  1. The original ‘’ Double grey box” style of EAR (# 21-005-000) cannot be repaired. This model will not be accepted for return.
  2. The Analogue EAR model (White box- one red light – number dial) is no longer able to be repaired due to obsolete parts. The analogue EAR was part number 121–220–300. This EAR model cannot be returned for repair or credit. Rebuilt analogue EAR supplied under part number 621-220-349 also is not accepted for return.
  3. The current model – Digital Electronic Air Regulator (Control box with flow rate light bar and touch screen) part # 121 005 088 is available for all TRL systems. List Price – $ 6,080
  4. Defective Digital EAR can be returned to Kongskilde for credit towards a refurbished Digital EAR.

    The refurbished Digital EAR has a part number of 121 005 008R.

    All three component of the defective Digital EAR (Control box, shutter and psuedo sensing tube) must be returned before a credit is issued. A completed EAR repair order form needs to be returned with each defective EAR shipped back to KONGSKILDE.

    Dealers that request a refurbished Digital EAR be shipped will be charged a NET amount of $2,900.00 plus Freight charges and tax if applicable. Upon return of all three components from the defective Digital EAR a credit of $ 1,500.00 will be issued to the dealers account.
  5. A limited number of Refurbished Digital EAR may be available. Part # 121 005 088R
    List price – $ 4,392.

Electronic Air Regulator Repair Order form available on page 2 of PDF.

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