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The new Kongskilde RVS 5000H

The new RVS 5000H Rotary Separator series is designed as a multi-purpose separator and sets new standards within the industry. Reliability, robustness, simplicity and easy maintenance are the key concepts and driving force behind the new design.

In a pneumatic suction system, the separator performs a central function at the end of the conveying line by separating the conveyed material from the conveying air. The efficiency and suction power of the suction system is highly dependent on the performance of the separator.

Modern production equipment is continuously being developed and optimized to run at higher and higher capacities. To utilize these higher capacities, the system for removing excess material must also meet this increased demand. The major investment in these solutions will generally be the main production machine. This means that the main production machine should also dictate the size of the conveying and separator system.

Multi-separator RVS design
With the new design, Kongskilde has successfully managed to create a RVS Rotary Separator which is extremely tight – even when exposed to very high vacuums (up to 25,000Pa in negative pressure).

The extreme tightness enables the separator series to be used with Kongskilde Industries’ renowned MultiAir blowers. The unique rotor design, combined with an innovative housing design, sets a new standard for Rotary Separators. The multi-purpose RVS Separator can handle a wide range of materials, from thin plastic film and thicker plastic materials to foam, rubber and even small moulded plastic parts, such as tops, tails, sprues, etc. When used in the paper industry, the multi-purpose RVS Separator can handle anything from cut edge trim, off-cuts and trimmings in very large quantities.

Reliable and highly efficient systems
Reliability and high efficiency have been achieved by designing a stronger separator with a low pressure drop, even during high material loads. Simple and easy service access to the MultiSeparator ensures minimal preventative maintenance.

The high-efficiency RVS multi-separator range is a natural choice for any manufacturing company’s design and operational plans for a central or de-central process waste handling system.

Find out more about the Kongskilde RVS 5000H here.


Peter Grathwohl
Sales Director
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