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Kongskilde Industrietechnik GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary on 1st of October

Kongskilde Maskinfabrik A/S (today Kongskilde Industries) founded Kongskilde Industrietechnik GmbH in Germany in June 1994. However, the official work began on October 1, 1994 with Klaus Jockisch as managing director. Klaus remains the German director to this day.

In the beginning, Klaus Joskisch was the sole employee – until January 1995 when Carola Pfennig joined the company. Carola is also still a valued employee at the German office.  Today, the company counts 8 dedicated employees.

“Kongskilde Industrietechnik has been a stable, growing business for the past 25 years, with further potential for the future”, says Mananging Director Klaus Jockisch. “As the daughter of a global company, Kongskilde Industries A / S, we are part of a strong group, and the three fundamental principles of our companyone company one strategy one organization makes us very strong in our business areas”, he concludes.